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Introducing my art
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Human being is considered as the most precious work of art, made of body and soul.
His soul is the essence of his inner light and beauty.
La Gestuelle Yin-Yang ®massage heals your essence and not only your appearance and symptoms.
Phiane Nhotpasa Duquet 
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The cornerstone of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® is to highlight the inner beauty by eliminating blockages of the three levels : the body, mind and soul to free oneself from stress, pain and negative emotions that cause imbalance and premature aging.
Spa Phiane Inc, where the work of art are highlighted
Career path

Phiane, artist- spa practitioner for  health and global wellness. 

- Author and trainer for the art of the healing massage La Gestuelle Yin-yang®, technique accredited by the government of Quebc and Canada for tuition fees of tax credit.

- Massage therapist senior, more than 10000 hours of credit for the continous education. Acknowledged by all insurance companies for massage therapist receipt.

- Graduated from the Academy of Paris as an esthetician-cosmetician, certified from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, from Laborathene Pforzheim, Germany. 

- Graduated from the Academy of Amiens for the "Baccalauréat technique en biologie, option biochimie".

- Certified by The International Multireflexology School of Dien Chan and Chan Beauty.

- Certified by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th generation Master of the art of Kobido, as a practitioner of Kobido.

- Accredited practitioner of La Trame by Master Diane Messier.

- Member of the Canadian Association of La Trame.

- Member of Kobido Japan Inc.

- Member of the international school of multi-reflexology Dien Chan(EIMDC). 

- Member of the RMQ, ANQ and AQTN for health insurance refunds.

Experiences and skills :

-  La Gestuelle-Yin-Yang®.

- Authentic Kobido.

- Dien Chan and Chan Beauty.

- Vodder Lymphatic Drainage.

- Cinetic Swedish massage.

- Deep tissue massage.

- Yoga Thai Massage.

- Thai massage with oil.

- Fascia Facial massage. 

- Shiatsu Facelift. 

- Foot Reflexology.

- Tok Sen, Thai reflexology and traditional massage.

- La Trame.

- Qi Gong.

- Techniques and way of continous education: "Universal healing of Tao", Chi Nei Tsang with Master Mantak Chia. 

Professional reference:

- Dr Lionel Carmant, neurologist.  Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Quebec, Canada.

With my Masters: My grand-mother Ama (universal wisdom of Tao and Qi Gong),Patrick Burensteinas (La Trame), Dr Shogo Mochizuki (Kobido), Anna Roca Carrasco et Patryck Aguila (Dien Chan). All my respect and  special thanks to Grand Master Mantak Chia.
All my gratitude for their teaching that had allowed me to put in service my potential! 
La Gestuelle Yin-Yang, as fluid as water, light as air

La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® is an art to heal!

This video shows the efficiency of La Gestuelle in the  energetic and lymphatic drainage style on an oedema caused by a sprain.

This video demonstrates some basic mouvements of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang massag®e coming from the heart.

Mastered by my youngest apprentice, Lauralie, 4 years old.

Description of my art
    Quantum aesthetic
La Gestuelle Yin-Yang 
The art of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® massage 
Esthetic of the soul through the body

Origin of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® massage, technique for rejuvenating treatment:

- According to traditional Chinese medicine, the physical appearance and health are closely linked.

- Each part of the physical appearance is linked to an internal organ.

- When the organ malfunctions, this appears directly on the physical appearance and face.

- La Gestuelle Yin-Yang ®is a massage technique inspired by Qi Gong movements, an ancient art of energetic realignment exercises to calm down the mind and heal the essence or soul.

- Human being is considered as the most precious work of art, such like an instrument of music made with energetic vibrational strings or ropes that run through his body, also called, meridians.

- When the ropes are too tight, they could break (stress, hypertension, anger, insomnia, hyperactivity, inflammation, rosacea, eczema, acne, dry skin).

- When the ropes are too lax, they would not sound right (anxiety, hypotension, depression, sadness, fear, discouragement, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, acne, insomnia, chronic exhaustion).

when they are tangled and mixed up, this would create knots and blockages (pain in different part of the body and emotional imbalance ).

- The goal of this massage is to liberate the nodes and blockages and to tune the meridians in order to make them ring in unison.

- The harmony will be restored to create the inner work of art within you, that will ring perfectly. This helps to find a profound wellness.

- La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® acts globally from the skin through the body and tunes the soul  in a higher frequency.

- It beautifies the appearance, calms the mind and highlights your inner beauty.

My rejuvenating healing massage technique:
Many years of practice and research in the energetic and quantum fields, including different trainings have allowed me to create the art and style of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang®.
My protocol: I use traditional knowledge,  modern science and my skill to ensure customized tailor-made treatments. 
My skill: more than a massage technique, it is an art that opens to unlimited possibilities!
My mission: Higlight my talent by refining my art to better serve you. 
My resources: the traditional Chinese  and universal Tao medicine, healing techniques proven more than 3000 years, ancient knowledge of vibrational healing techniques. 
My strength: My flexibility of smart listening and my ability of adaptation to favour tailor-made healing treatments and the transmission of my inside knowledge. I give practical and reliable solutions, easy to understand, to help in preventive health and beauty. 
My passion:  gives you deep results at the skin and wellness levels.