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Health and beauty are not separated. When a person shines with the radiance of health, nothing else is needed to reveal the inner light and authentic beauty.

No diagnosis will be made during your Facial.

Please refer to your physician for any medical skin problems.

The art of Facialism


Skin hygiene for all skin types

60 min, 250$


Treats stressed skin, sensitive, dry skin, oily skin, dehydrated skin.

Deep cleansing by lymphatic and energetic drainage massage, exfoliation, detoxifying, rebalancing. Helps skin to find its natural beauty.


Massage L'œuvre de beauté®, rejuvenating face massage

60 min, 250$


Because health and beauty are not separated, to achieve the integrative beauty-wellness, Phiane Duquet, a world champion gold medalist in massage, has created L'œuvre de beauté® for you.

L'œuvre de beauté® means “the beauty work of art”, because the human being is considered as the most precious work of art, made of body and soul. His soul is the essence of his inner light and beauty.

L'œuvre de beauté®, orchestrated with precision in a form of a dance and meditation, allows to sublimate the beauty from the inside out and outside in.

The lifting rejuvenating healing facelift massage, a work of goldsmith in the height of your inner light, detoxify from bad energy, firms up, tones, realigns and help to increase your frequency for a fresh vibe. To find youth and peace, reconnect yourself with your inner light.

This art of plumping the skin with the vital energy of Qi is amplified with a high frequency sacred oil, crafted with fine organic blends, inspired by ancient wisdom formula of alchemist grand masters.


Each treatment of L'œuvre de beauté®, is a special event of renewed energy to celebrate the divinity within you and your beauty.

Tok Sen, the Buddha’s medicine to activate the frequency of life in your body. 

An art of wisdom to relieve pain and stress with the singing of the sacred wood and the Tibetan bowl. The alchemist alloy of the seven metals of the bowl made by Tibetan monks helps to realign your energy in harmony.

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