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 This video demonstrates an example of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang  in the sand

Professional education of the massage 
La Gestuelle Yin-Yang
Heal the essence and not only the appearance and symptoms!
Professional educationof the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang
Heal the essence and not only the appearance and symptoms!
Courses of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang

Origin of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang, esthetic massage technique for rejuvenating healing treatment:
-According to traditional Chinese medicine, the physical appearance and health are closely linked. 
-Each part of the physical appearance is linked to an internal organ. 
-When the organ malfunctions, this appears directly on the physical appearance and face.
-La Gestuelle Yin-Yang is a massage technique inspired by Qi Gong movements, an ancient art of energetic realignment exercises to calm down the mind and  heal the essence or soul. 
-Qi Gong and massage are part of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. 
-La Gestuelle Yin-Yang acts globally from the skin. It works on three dimensions of the physical, mind and soul levels.
-It enlightens the beauty of the appearance, soothes the mind and heals the essence.

This facial and body massage technique allows to:

-Soothe and reduce pain whatever symptoms.

-Smooth, firm, and lift the skin.

-Reduce edema by cleansing the lymphatic system.

- Realign and harmonize Qi or vital energy for stress relief treatment.

Continuous training session, initiation to face massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang

Short program for massage therapist

Saturday February 16th 2019, from 10 am to 5 pm

250$ + taxes

Please contact me to reserve your room via sms 438 504 1551 or via email: [email protected]

Who can attend?
 Who can attend?

-Professional in personal care.

-Massage therapist.


-Those who are inspired by the art of massage.

Why the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang?
Why the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang?

-For what it can provide as immediate results working on 3 dimensions: body, mind, soul.

-To meet customer needs with a high standing treatment. To offer more than a massage, but rather an Art.

-To meet therapist needs with an authentic  effortless healing technique, that do not need any devices,  gadgets, nor harmful  toxic cosmetic products to do their job.

-To use knowledge as source to do their job.

Why choose my school?
Why choose my school?

-My school is recognized and accredited by the governments of Quebec and Canada for refund taxes of tuition fees. 

-My program is also recognized by the AQTN and RMQ for insurance refund of therapeutic massage sessions.

-My path and Philosophy is to share authentic knowledge in altruism.

-My sources of teaching knowledge is highly qualified.

-My courses are tailor-made to suit your need.

Program of 4 levels  of the course 
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Level 1: initiation to the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang
-Theory of  traditional Chinese medicine.
- Yin-Yang, the 5 elements, the connection between various aspects of body-mind-soul and symptoms related. 
-Anatomy and physiology of the skin.  pH acid-base and Yin-Yang.
-Face multiréflexology zone.
-Practice of the massage on the face part.
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Level 2: La Gestuelle Yin-Yang body
-Energetic meridians according to traditional Chinese medicine.
-Different Yin-Yang symptoms on the body part and cellulite.
-Lymphatic system.
-Multireflexology areas connected to various parts of the body.
-Practice of the  massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang on body parts to loosen knots.
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Level 3: the art of energetic-lymphatic massage of multireflexology zone of the face
-Face energetic self-massage.
-The reflexodrainage with hot stone.
-Manual energetic massage to loosen knots of shoulders, neck and head.
- Hand massage combined with  jade stone for facelift.
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Niveau 4: La Gestuelle Yin-Yang and energetic exercises
-Anchor and the art of focusing.
-Qi Gong exercises and La Gestuelle Yin-Yangmassage.
"Why do I have to be initiated to Qi Gong exercises, when I am only interested in learning massage?"
" Because the origin of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang is inspired by Qi Gong. It is self-evident to master the source of the technique in order to enrich your practice."
"Because integrity is the key of your success. Taking care, starts with oneself".
How much are the tuition fees?
How much are the tuition fees?

-The program of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang is divided in 4 levels.

-Each level last 2 days.

-Total of training hours per level: 12:30 

-Cost per level: 700$ + taxes 

-Additional education materials cost:

Level 1: 190$

Level 2: 260$

Level 3: 45$

-Total hours of training of 4 levels: 50

-Total hours of hands-on workshop: 100

Price subject to change without notice.

Why my massage method?
Why another massage method?

-Because it's about art!

-It's about having a qualified and trustworthy teacher who can transmit the discipline of the spirit's rigor through massage according to tradition. 

-Because "The apprentice is not in the shade of his master, but in his light. The master enables him to find his own path". 

P. Burensteinas.

Is it difficult to learn this technique?
What is the hardest part of learning this technique?

There is no difficulty in learning this massage, keep an open mind and this state will allow you to gain in fluidity in your gesture. As teacher, I can only transmit you what you are able to receive as knowlege. Your abilities is your limit.

Ethics of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang

-La Gestuelle Yin-Yang is a timeless massage technique that transcends all trends.

- In no way, it should be considered, or associated and assimilated with a medicine or a religion and belief.

-It does not belong to any sectarian organization and wants to remain totally excluded.

-Based on the altruistic wisdom of the ancients from East andWest, the art of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang massage is open to all  of those who make the effort to reveal their talents in their practice as therapist of well-being. 

-In order to achieve the ultimate work of Qi alignment, it's required discipline, righteousness, respect, reliability and passion for this practice.